The Equity Center

The Equity Center is a community recovery and social enterprise endeavor in the heart of Montgomery County serving a particularly vulnerable community that has been disproportionately impacted by the Covid19 pandemic.

The Covid 19 pandemic has been disproportionately devastating to the communities that were already vulnerable due to systemic inequities, social/ethnic marginalization, and immigration insecurity. The Equity Center exists to offer effective solutions to post-pandemic recovery needs through innovative ideas, nimble infrastructures, and collaborative approaches.

We offer the following services:

Food and Resources

Providing culturally appropriate fresh produce, staple foods, and resources (hygiene items, toiletries, diapers, infant and children’s needs)

  • Large-scale “Grab-and-go” food distributions (500 households – 2000 people per event; 2 events per month) 
  • Smaller community partner events (40-60 Households – 160 to 240 people per event; 8-10 events per month)
  • Vaccine and health clinics in collaboration with partners organizations such as Nourish Now (200-400 households – 800 to 1600 people per event; 4-5 events per month) 
Health and Wellness Help

Providing holistic care physically, emotionally, and spiritually

  • Health and Wellness Services: Covid testing and/or vaccination, free or low-cost eye and dental clinics, health screenings
    • Vaccine clinics – 4 to 5 events per month; 300 to 500 people per event; 24,000 to 30,000 total people vaccinated
    • Health and wellness clinics – 1 to 2 events per month; 50 to 100 per event; up to 2,400 people served 
  • Nutrition, cooking, exercise, and family health classes and information
  • Mental health assistance, mindfulness, and spiritual care 
Community Economic Development

Providing economic resources and training

  • Workforce Development Services: mentoring, career counseling, job placement, resume assistance
  • Equity micro-enterprise incubator: giving the opportunity for qualified entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and chefs the ability to offer their skills to the community and ultimately to open up their own food business
Case Management

Connecting constituents with services available to them

  • Referral desk for mental health services, rent and eviction assistance, education help, food assistance (SNAP, WIC, etc); health insurance/medicare
  • Immigration Assistance: pro-bono guidance; case management support
Social Connection

Providing space for community connection

  • The Equity Coffee Shop with coffee, tea, and snacks available at an equitable price-point in a welcoming, coffee-house setting.
  • Public access to computer with enhanced broadband wifi connectivity

All of this will be accomplished with our core values informing and leading the effort: Dignity, Hospitality, and Community. These values inspire guide the operation of The Equity Center. The aim is to not only meet the practical needs of constituents but also further the higher needs for individual agency and self-worth and personal connection and belonging.