“Cross Community showed up consistently to serve across our school in a variety of ways including, our  Bilingual / Biliteracy programs, afterschool programs, food drives, health and wellness workshops, community events, yard clean up and so much more. The organization constantly demonstrates a passion to serve with a focus on reaching everyone. From a logistical standpoint, the organization is extremely organized and the team uses skill-building to collaboratively “get the job done.” effectively. By collecting, examining, and utilizing data to make decisions in the best interest of the community, their work is pointed to match the needs of the community. As an organization, the team works with a sense of urgency to get results and inspires others to be a part of their vision. By building incredible relationships with the community and utilizing a trauma-informed focus, those who are normally marginalized are now welcomed and feel a sense of belonging.”

-Meredith M., Community Leader

“Pastor Ben and the leadership of Cross Community have been responding to the pandemic since April mobilizing volunteers including young people, organizing food distributions, locating donated and purchased food and learning about concerns from families impacted by COVID-19. As it became clear that school for K-12 students was going to be 100% virtual, Pastor Ben got to work on a solution to provide high quality in-person education, engaging activities, and meals and snacks in a safe environment for children to grow and learn. By partnering with several local organizations, the Educational Equity and Enrichment Hubs launched, a first of its kind…I hope to see this unique program succeed and replicate to other communities in Montgomery County.”

-Shondra J., Partner

“It has been a satisfaction to see how Cross Community organizes and leads the distribution of these products, and the passion of the volunteers. Without a doubt, seeing the results that were achieved fills us with pride and gives us a feeling of respect and admiration for Cross Community…There are many heroes in this pandemic, and it is a pleasure to support and be amongst those who make Cross Community a hero itself.”

-Omar P., Partner

“Not only has Cross Community has been helping to feed 1000-1200 households since the start of the pandemic, their mission extends beyond feeding families. Their mission to meet the educational needs, as well as the food insecurity needs, is an example of how they are not just solving the immediate need, but anticipating the community’s future needs and setting them up for success.”

-Rory R., Partner

“As COVID hit in the spring, teachers and other school staff started to hear not only from parents, but from students that they were struggling to make ends meet, financially and in some cases not able to purchase groceries and household necessities.  In one case, a student called me (a fifth grader), said he overheard his parents talking, saying they could not afford to pay the utility bills AND go to the grocery store.  He asked me for money to help.  We were able to give 2 boxes of produce to the family and a gift card to buy other needs, thanks to the generosity of your volunteers. They continue to come each week and are very thankful. There are many stories of loss and tragedy that take our breath away. But, this opportunity to help our neighbors and our school community has brought us close and provides the amazing opportunity to be thankful, count our blessings and share them with others with love.”

-Manda P, Volunteer