The Cooperative

The Cooperative Service Network

The Purpose of the Cooperative:

  1. Mutual Support and Service – Contribute your skills and experience to help others and get the same for your needs
  2. Relational Connection – Connect with others in a safe, no pressure environment
  3. Community Development – Collaborate with others to help build up and improve the community

What we do in the Cooperative:

  1. Agree to and sign the Cooperative Participation Agreement to get started
  2. Join the Cooperative Facebook group for community messaging and connection
  3. Attend monthly Cooperative Community Meals
  4. Be willing to offer your time and skills for Mutual Assistance Service (MAS) events

Who the Cooperative is for:

  1. For those who want to connect with others in a safe environment
  2. For those who want to contribute their skills and experience to serve others
  3. For those who have a heart for and want to improve their community
  4. For those who want to learn, grow, and serve in community

Who the Cooperative is NOT for: 

  1. For those who are just looking to take, but not looking to give and contribute to others
  2. For those who have an agenda or purpose that is not aligned with the Cooperative

Are you interested?

Join us for the next Cooperative Community Meal:

Saturday October 28, 4:00 to 6:00PM

Gaithersburg Church of the Nazarene

8921 Warfield Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20882


Interested in participating? Please read our cooperative agreement and email for more info.