Equity Hubs Update


We are now over a full month into the new school year. It has come with hiccups and challenges for everyone. Online learning is no picnic to be sure. But for those who are struggling the most to provide options for their children this school year, there has been some remarkable progress. Some of these students literally never logged into the MCPS virtual learning system (this or last semester) until coming to the Hub. Some were simply alone at home, disengaged from school, while their caretaker was at work. They are now engaged in learning and interacting with other kids. These typically underserved students are getting a unique opportunity, afforded to them, ironically, because of the pandemic.There are now five active Hubs with about 100 equity students enrolled at these schools:

  • Stedwick ES in the Village
  • Daly ES in Germantown
  • Wheaton Woods ES in Aspen Hill
  • Brown Station ES in Gaithersburg
  • Rock Creek Forest ES in Silver Spring

Clopper Mill ES in Germantown and others are being prepped. And this week, the County Council approved $7.65 million to advance and expand this effort. But we need to continue to advocate, to strengthen this effort to serve these students, and to get the word out to schools and to struggling households who need to hear this is available to them.

One way you can help this effort is to let school administrators and parents know about the Equity Hubs. Send them a quick email or text and give them the link below for more info:


Or this link to register their child:


The pandemic has tested us all and brought a great deal of hardship. But it is also opening up doors of opportunity to do good, and making possible things that seemed impossible not that long ago. Let’s keep up the good work and step into this opportunity.

Yours in this together for good,